Hello interweb!

This is my first blog post from Tax Team Canada, My name is Miguel and I hold the position of Marketing Director here at Tax Team. When stating my job title to new acquaintances, I’m often confronted with a sarcastic remark like, “Marketing for an Accounting firm? That must be fun…” Luckily, I work in an accounting firm and sarcasm is a style of humor that is a tad too “whet” for the arid numbers world that surrounds me.

I jest, I jest, life in a small accounting firm isn’t bad; I mean what other workplace would one learn to celebrate underrated holidays such as pi(e) day (March 14) or May the 4th (be with you)?

On to more serious matters. The government wants your money, or already has it and after making interest on it, would like to return it to you. So this is a gentle reminder from your boisterous team of accountants lethargic from their blueberry pie hangovers, you have 45 days to file your individual T1 taxes.

After paging through the web this morning, I came across an article from CARP, which is a national non-profit organization aimed at protecting aging Canadian’s quality of life. The article addresses some questions you may have about Canada’s Disability Tax Credit (DTC) or Caregiver Tax Credit (CTC), and it is: Today’s Tax Tip