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Why Tax Team? (We Save You Money)

The professionals at provide expert tax planning advice and consultation for clients with personal and corporate income tax issues in every province in Canada, except Quebec. Since 1990 from our offices in Vancouver, BC,'s experienced corporate and personal tax advisors have been developing effective plans to combat Canada Revenue Agency and other foreign tax authorities.

Your personal income tax may be the highest expenditure in your entire life and everything in your power should be done to reduce this lifetime liability. Knowledge is power and you can use our expertise to get you the best results. The best results are making sure you pay lower taxes through proper tax planning.

Thomas Moore, Principal
Senior Tax Consultant

Message From The Principal, Thomas Moore was founded in 1990. We started in the Robson Public Market and soon discovered that many of our new clients had not been given tax advice based on their entire life's picture. We wanted to provide thoughtful tax advice, not simply tax preparation. We don't just plug in numbers. We ask questions that help us help you. Looking at your complete client picture helps us put in place a tax plan to mitigate your tax liability.

Over the years has grown and we now have several thousand clients from all backgrounds. Many of our clients have their own corporations or are self-employed entrepreneurs. Most of our clients own investments and many have had issues with Canada Revenue Agency, formerly the Revenue Canada.

We like to hire Tax Consultants with several years tax experience who know their way around the Canada Revenue Agency. With our knowledge we can help tax payers reduce and truly manage their lifetime tax bill. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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